Hello World, Welcome to Blume Hemp!

We have maintained the position of an industry leader in the CBD space for over seven years, Blume Hemp is also one of the founding company’s of the Florida Hemp Council. Blume Hemps role in the Florida Hemp Council is to represent all channels of the economic engine from farmers to retailers with everything represented in between.

Blume Hemp is focus on bring new well represented companies into the CBD industry in order to help continue to expand the space. With over seven years of experience we have laid the ground work for new companies to get into the market quickly without sacrificing quality. Blume Hemp’s relationships will get your company to the top of the list with the top venders and products without any guessing work.

Blume Hemp Power Relationships (not limited to):

  1. Bulk Product
  2. Merchant Services
  3. Web Design and Shopping Carts
  4. Compliance (7606 Farm Bill)
  5. Local and Non Local LAB’S
  6. Product Testing
  7. Reliable product for consumer facing products
  8. Transportation Insurance
  9. Product success reporting (no guessing we know what sells) 

Blume Hemps consulting will get you to market faster, safer, compliment and will take out the guessing work.